My Story

It all started when I was at the lowest I ever felt in my life. I was living day by day without any purpose or direction. Consumed by anxiety, fear, and anger towards myself. I knew I had potential but I was watching myself waste it. In this world with so many different fields of work, passion, research, innovation and growth. I was lost. It was only when I became a father that my vision became clear. I knew I needed to be the best version of myself to set an example for my daughter! No more wasting precious time and energy that I cannot get back! That's when my journey into self development started. The best investment you can make is on yourself. I started with the body and training in martial arts. Helping me connect the body, mind, and soul. Next was research for the mind by reading books. Lastly development for the soul by looking internally and by being selfless. Now with Create A King Podcast I share my knowledge with you all so we can rise together!   


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

My Mission

Create A King Podcast is a platform that I use to create awareness for self development. So many people after formal education just stop working towards the idea of bettering themselves. Self improvement and being the best version of you is a life long goal. I use my podcast to share all my tips and tricks to help you gain momentum in this self development aspect of your life. My mission is to help you grow while you also help others grow. We can all rise together!